Planning to buy a lot and build your own Park Home (AKA Chalet)?

 Following are a list of items and costs to consider:

1. Review and understand the Architectural Guidelines, Covenants, and Rules and Regulations for Tiger Run Resort prior to signing a Offer to Purchase Contract. All of the above are conveniently located on our website.

2. Is the lot big enough to accommodate the Park Home you intend to Construct? If adding a Colorado Room or Enclosed Porch, is there enough room? All improvements and roof overhangs can not encroach on the lot’s setbacks. Will you have enough room to park 1-2 vehicles comfortably? You should have a survey completed to answer this question and submit to your General Contractor and Park Home Manufacturer. Survey’s cost $425 -$495.

3. Does the lot have enough concrete for the Park Home, and Colorado Room (If Any)? If you need to add additional concrete to the existing slab it can add $5,000-$20,000 to the project cost at roughly $10.00 per square foot. If the concrete is in poor condition, you may want to demo and install a new slab.

4. Will the Electrical Pedestal need to be upgraded for a Chalet and Colorado Room? Most ANSI Park Home Manufacturers require 100AMPS (Chariot Eagle, Cavco, etc.). At the time of construction, it is wise to consider updating the Electrical Pedestal. If you simply want to upgrade your existing 100 AMP electric pedestal to current codes, the cost is roughly $4,500. If you want to upgrade the pedestal to 200AMP service there will be additional expenses.

5. Is the current underground electrical pedestal wiring properly sized to accommodate your Chalet’s electrical needs? A licensed electrician is needed to verify this information. If not, it may be necessary to bring in a larger wire to accommodate higher AMP service. 

6. Select a Builder/Manufacturer for the Park Home, and Colorado Room (If Any). Kropf, Chariot Eagle, and Cavco and the most common ANSI Park Homes. ANSI Park Homes cost approximately $45,000 -$95,000 depending on options, finishes, size, insulation, and other factors.  The quoted price does not include any setup, delivery, hookups, decks, porches, etc. Adding a Colorado Room to your Park Home costs $80,000 – $125,000 depending on size, materials, roof overhangs, Covered porches, etc. A custom IRC Manufactured Cabin and Colorado Room built to the Colorado Factory Built Home Standards costs around $290K to $325K+ depending on finishes, decks, upgrades, etc.

7. Submit your Construction Plans to the Tiger Run Homeowners Association for written approval prior to construction. Very Important!!! All requests for site modifications including new construction or modification of existing structures and amenities must first be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee for approval. This submittal must include the properly completed Construction Request Form, a drawing of the proposed improvements and a detailed site plan showing all existing and proposed improvements.

8. Cost of Building Permit – Summit County. $800 -1,500

9. Cost for Colorado Division of Housing Final “Installation Seal”: $300-    $800 Installation Inspection Fee

10. Skirting and insulation: $3,500 – $5,000 depending on materials used.

11. Decking, stairs: Open Decks cost around $35 per square foot ++ and up depending on the type of material used. Covered Decks are around $90 a square foot.

12. Water Lines and Heat tape: $1,500 – $2,000

13: Painting Contractor for sealing decks, stairs, and skirting: $1,800 – $4,000 depending on size of unit, number of coats, and quality of Stain. 

14. Has the Water Riser been replaced by the previous owner? If not, installing a new water riser prior to construction costs roughly $5,000.

All Park Models, Cabins, Chalets and Colorado Rooms entering the resort must be built to meet the Colorado Division Of Housing standards or other standards acceptable to Summit County, which are applicable for that type of unit. Proof of this standard shall be an RPTIA Seal, ANSI Certification Seal, Colorado Division Of Housing Seal or the equivalent seal from a regulatory agency acceptable to Summit County, or plans certified by a State of Colorado licensed engineer.

The above “Estimate” has been provided by Bob Evans as a service to our customers. The actual costs may be higher or lower than indicated above. Please investigate each item thoroughly with your General Contractor and Chalet Builder prior to purchasing a lot.